Can Technology Make Customers Happier?

The importance of taking advantage of what technology has to offer. Reasons why service companies that use automation solutions have higher customer satisfaction rates.


Now you probably think the answer to this question must be yes. Let’s follow the chain effect that technology triggers and how it can increase the overall customer satisfaction.

The importance of customer satisfaction for service companies is a known fact. Most importantly, they have the money that keeps your business running, and they choose you instead of other companies because you supply the comfort they look for. When we question the values every customer expects in return for their money, two critical issues come to mind. The very first thing is the quality of the service they receive. Right after, how much you value customers’ time comes.

At this point, the complex problem of making customers happier starts to be decomposed into smaller problems. The question becomes, how can your company ensure to provide the highest quality service possible for every customer? The answer to this question is similar to solving an overly complicated math question every time a customer asks for assistance. The key metrics to solve this question are understanding the customer’s problem and assigning the best available service provider, which can better solve the situation. However, this is not feasible alone because, as mentioned before, customers also expect their problems to be solved as fast as can be, and in the time zone, they are available.

This is where technology takes the stage. The race between service companies to stabilize high-quality customer service has accelerated because of the rapidly evolving technology. Before the mentioned problem to make customers happier is trying to be solved by dispatch operators every day. The companies who have an automation tool to endorse their dispatchers work by optimizing job assignments or optimizing the path between job locations to increase their workers’ punctuality make their customers happier than other companies. Therefore, you were right! The answer to the main question was yes. Automation technologies can make service companies’ customers more comfortable and remember, like Jason Langella said, “If you do not appreciate your customers, someone else will…”

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