How to Automate Dispatch and Reduce the Cost up to 99%?

Dispatch operation has high importance on providing good customer service. What if you have the opportunity to improve your performance and reduce your cost at the same time?


We’ve just released DispatchIQ to automate one of the most bottleneck operations in a service company. Using DispatchIQ, service businesses can complete dispatch operations that usually take hours within minutes. You can see exactly which technicians are better or which route is more reasonable for your technicians in minutes by automating your day-to-day operations with DispatchIQ.

If you run a service company, low costs and customer satisfaction are the central focus in your day-to-day operations to grow your business and become more profitable. And DispatchIQ is essential for improving your business process and maintaining satisfied customers.

Modernize your dispatch process with DispatchIQ

When it comes to home services, customers want a quick answer from you. They usually have no time to wait around a couple of days when they need you for their own home. Your dispatcher serves an important role in keeping your technical performance at a high level and providing good customer service on every call. When your dispatcher uses DispatchIQ, they become to know each technician’s skills for the right customer at the right time.

Best-technician and route optimization

When you were at the beginning of your business, it was just you; you worked hard for each customer and done your best to them. Now your business has grown, and you have your workers while representing you and your business. DispatchIQ knows the value of your customers’ time and matches your employees’ qualifications with your customers’ needs in the shortest amount of time and in the most optimal way. If you’re looking for the best tool to automate dispatching processes and jumpstart business growth, or keep your costs low, DispatchIQ is an excellent solution to provide them.

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