Top 6 Tips for Running a Service Business in Difficult Times

The field service businesses need some practical ways to keep their business going and growing in these complicated circumstances. To learn the tips to ensure operational security during this difficult time, you should check this blog post.


Beyond a public health emergency, Covid-19 pandemic creates havoc over the world economy’s stability. Millions of people globally are facing quarantine or lockdown, with plenty of manufacturing units’ shutdown, supply chains disrupted and offices closed.

These painful situations are coughing up new challenges and difficulties for field businesses because these businesses are affected by resources’ scarcity. Therefore, the field service businesses need some practical ways to save their bottom line as well as ensure operational security during this difficult time.

Top things you need to focus on to stay firm in these tough times:

Follow the below mentioned tips.

Make virtual experiences positive customer experience:

As the world is going virtual, it doesn’t mean that customer experience will go out the window. Whether it’s through text, video chat or email, there are several ways to communicate with customers. You can use these virtual tools for effective communication and a positive customer experience with ease.

Minimize contact and ensure social distancing:

As the coronavirus is spreading via contact, and airborne respiratory droplets, field service technicians need to minimize contact and practice social distancing. Make sure to take proper precautions. Ensure to contact physical contact at the workplace to the possible extent and adhere to basic hygiene.

All of these precautions are necessary to protect your workforce during this grave health-hazardous time.

Monitor your service demand carefully:

Current pandemic is posing both supply and demand-side challenges for field service businesses. Due to lockdown in significant regions, field service businesses are finding it difficult to deliver their promised services. Similarly, customers need field services such as plumbing, cleaning or HVAC but are unable to make requests.

  • Monitor your consumers’ needs carefully and with the promise of undertaking the service ASAP at per customer’s convenience.
  • Considering to reduce cost with decreased demand can also be beneficial.

Diversify your suppliers:

Most of the field businesses import their product supplies from other countries. It is acceptable in typical situations, but during pandemic exploring alternative input or supply sources is better to consider. It is because due to global lockdown, you might experience a supply chain disruption.

So, the better workaround situation is to diversify your suppliers and buy supplies if you still can. It can bring better opportunities for you to improve your stocks effectively.

Pay attention to your finance:

A pandemic outbreak is placing strain on-field businesses. Most of the businesses such as HVAC, plumbing, etc. are finding their finances stretched and cash flow in disarray. Review your financial policies and tap into savings for an extra financing life, if necessary.

It is essential to keep your filed business afloat if demand dries down due to lockdowns. Ensure a cash flow plan in hand, and stay updated regarding different aids, loans, or grants announced by governments.

Continue to be flexible:

With new challenges, your internal processes must adapt to protect your customers’ and technicians’ safety. Outdated operations can slow down processes and frustrate both service providers and customers. Considering route optimization and scheduling tools can help in achieving consistent customer outcomes with improved quality at increased visibility and lower cost. Be open and flexible to adapt new technologies to improve your customer’s outcome and sustain the company’s growth by retaining revenue and getting more customers.

Final thoughts:

Pandemic is also an adequate time to rethink your operations strategies. Because once the pandemic is over, and normalcy is restored, businesses will face an enhanced competition. And only business will be able to reap benefits that can stand firm throughout the critical time.

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