7 best YouTube Channels for HVAC Service Professionals

There are plenty of YouTube channels offering great HVAC content and helping their viewers to learn everything from basics to advanced skills in this field. Here you can find the best Youtube channels for HVAC service professionals.


No matter how skilled you are, YouTube HVAC videos can be a useful source for you to gain new amazing HVAC skills. As an HVAC tech, watching Youtube channels that provides up to date information can help you to track changes in industry and keep up to date. Here is the list of best Youtube channels for HVAC technicians.

Best YouTube channels for HVAC Service Professionals:

HVAC School

This HVAC YouTube channel is an online source to view content related to professional technician training in the fields of ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating. The major focus of this channel is on applicable and real training.


This is another amazing HVAC YouTube channel that covers mostly HVAC content. You can also find a wider array of tool overviews and reviews here as well some other stuff that is thrown in to mix everything up. Overall, this can let you learn a lot about the things related to HVAC.

HVAC Learning Solutions

HVAC learning solutions is basically a training department run by Lennox Industries, headquartered in Texas. Here you can find both instructor-led as well as online training across multiple business solutions.

HVAC Simplified Online Training

This YouTube channel is majorly focusing on the best and more applicable ways to understand different HVAC matters including installation, troubleshooting, repairing, and much more. Overall, this can be a good starting point for HVAC service professionals to consider.

HVAC Life with Alex

This is more of a personal channel featuring a single contractor only. However, the contractor, Alex, used to share his years of experience in the HVAC industry as an HVAC technician. He applies the knowledge and skills he has learned during his professional career. He shares videos on problem-solving as well as on some extra oddball issues he came across while working in the HVAC field.


Don’t get fooled by the name of this YouTube channel. This is an effective channel for HVAC service professionals featuring instructional videos that go over the multiple reasons why homeowners should prefer their HVAC maintenance and installation services from HVAC service professionals. Even though the channel helps people to go through how to fix HVAC issues. At the same time, it takes care of pointing out consistently why average joe should not try this.

Stephen Rardon

This is an HVAC YouTube channel owned and run by Stephen Rardon who used to upload videos regarding troubleshooting furnaces, heat pumps, AC units, as well as another HVAC tech. This channel also offers training for HVAC service professionals on the same items. So, overall, this can be another amazing HVAC YouTube channel to consider here.

So, you can subscribe to these HVAC channels to learn more about HVAC systems as well as other HVAC matters.

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