5 Best YouTube Channels for Plumbing Service Professionals

Here is the list of 5 best Youtube Channels for plumbing service professionals. These channels include everything about plumbing from DIY plumbing guides, to useful plumbing products' reviews.


The plumbing profession is busy and hectic. There is plenty to do, from starting a plumbing business to pricing your services accurately and managing a team to send for different plumbing jobs. It is never easier to spare time for the internet to find the best resources for plumbing service professionals to get a leg up on your competition during a hectic and busy schedule.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels here that highly consider plumbing service professionals.

Best YouTube channels to follow for plumbing service professionals:

Well, here is the list of the best YouTube channels that every plumbing service professional must consider to stand out among their competitors in the best possible way.

1. Roger Wakefield

This YouTuber has made a plumbing service channel an actual career. Roger is a master plumber with more than 40 years of experience. However, now he is dedicated to sharing his experienced plumbing tricks, technique tips, and DIY plumbing guides as well. You can expect to view expertly edited and incredibly described videos here.

  • Upload Frequency: 3 days a week

2. Steven Lavimoniere

Steven has amassed millions of people with his videos, majorly focused on everyday plumbing installations and jobs. Whether you are looking for a plumbing video tutorial or want to put your hands on a more effective plumbing repair guide, Steven is always there with his incredibly described plumbing videos.

He takes his viewers inside premises to describe different types of jobs that plumbers will encounter. Here you can expect to have ultimate guides and tips for everything in a plumbing job that you might encounter as a plumber, i.e., hard, easy, bad or good, everything.

  • Upload Frequency: Daily

3. Plumbing with Tim

If you want to have a real-world plumbing experience at its best, then this YouTube channel is the best for you to subscribe. You can find a host of how-to plumbing guides, Do’s and Don’t in plumbing videos, product reviews, and plumbing tutorials here.

  • Upload Frequency: 3 videos weekly

4. Kenny Molotov

Kenny Molotov is definitely one of the best plumbing YouTubers that every professional plumbing technician needs to subscribe to. He commonly used to post live streams regarding a day in the life of plumbing service providers type of videos.

He has also posted plenty of aspiring videos for new plumbers. He is a plumber who is definitely full of knowledge. He can help you to become a more successful plumber with ease.

  • Upload Frequency: weekly

5. Allen Hart

Allen Hart is a British plumbing YouTuber who used to post videos regarding helpful heating and plumbing tips and techniques. He also posts how-to guides regarding plumbing on a regular basis.

His how-to guides are commonly geared towards the plumbers who are working at different stages of their careers. Most amazingly, the real focus of these guides is on safety.

  • Upload frequency: daily

So, subscribe to these plumbing service-related YouTube channels and get to learn more amazing things as a plumbing service professional with ease.

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