DispatchIQ Features

DispatchIQ brings benefits that ensures you automate dispatch seamlessly, knowing you always aim for the highest possible value any day.


End to end automation
as a service.

DispatchIQ creates a unique decision model for your business, based on the entire job history. You can use this model just for recommendations, or for automating the entire dispatch process end-to-end.

Automatic route optimization
built in.

Once DispatchIQ algorithms decide which team member is best for a job, it automatically optimizes the route of every team member individually. Alternatively, you can opt for global route optimization to ensure you reach the minimum mileage overall.


Want to change assignments?
We've got you covered.

DispatchIQ calculates the recommendations for the entire company in a couple of seconds. If you're not happy with the results, you can modify them by just drag-and-drop.


Publish to your CRM
with a single click.

Buck.ai, our main app platform is integrated with prominent CRM software that your business uses everyday. You don't have to type the automation results manually to your system, just click a button and you're done.


Enable or disable staff
for dispatch.

Don't want to include certain technicians for dispatch automation? No problem. You can disable as many of your team members as you like, DispatchIQ will only work with the enabled techs. Also, you won't be billed for inactive technicians.


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