Increase your efficiency with Electrician Dispatch Software

DispatchIQ solves the dispatching problem in an efficient way by using a powerful AI which provides best route and electricians optimization. All you need to finish dispatching job for the day is a click and a minute. Reduce wasted time and improve your electrician company’s efficiency with DispatchIQ.

Stop wasting time

DispatchIQ automates daily plans, including the best route and technician optimization choices in two minutes. Regain 95% of the time you spent on the dispatching problem with DispatchIQ.

Grow Your Business

By optimizing your technicians, make your customers happy. By optimizing your route, reduce your costs. Become more profitable with DispatchIQ.

User-friendly design

DispatchIQ is quite easy to use and is just a click away from you.

Dispatch Automation for you.

DispatchIQ handles the repetitive part of the dispatching problem. So, you can focus on the problems that require human creativity.


A Smart Solution for Dispatching

DispatchIQ is a smart and affordable choice to manage time well in dispatching problem for medium-sized enterprises. Improve your time management and make more profit with DispatchIQ.

Manage your company effectively with DispatchIQ

Let DispatchIQ help your company to manage simpler and leaner. It helps you to increase your customer satisfaction by assigning your best electricians to your most important jobs because of its optimizations.


Help and Support Line

Our support team works around the clock to assist you whenever you need to talk. If you have any questions, DispatchIQ offers 24/7 Live Chat Support on your company.

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