Dispatch Automation for Pest Control Companies

Manage your time and energy by using the robust AI technology that DispatchIQ provides to solve pest control companies’ daily dispatch problem. It only takes a single press of button and a few seconds to finish assigning your pest control professionals to the jobs that they can do the best.

Optimize your results

DispatchIQ is working an artificial intelligence. It can find the method that will make your technical team work in the most optimized way.

Useful Visuals

With the helpful graphics you can analyze your earlier jobs and examine the performances of your technicians.

Easy to use

DispatchIQ has a user-friendly design and it can solve your problems only in one click.

Dispatch Automation for you.

DispatchIQ handles the repetitive part of the dispatching problem. So, you can focus on the problems that require human creativity.


Efficiency and Speed all in one

DispatchIQ automates daily plans and solves day-to-day dispatching problems in two minutes and prevents you from wasting 95% of your time.

Improved Technician Productivity

With the help of its optimizations, it improves your pest control technicians productivity and it increases the customer satisfaction by assigning your best technicians to your most important jobs.


Help and Support Line

Our support team works around the clock to assist you whenever you need to talk. If you have any questions, DispatchIQ offers 24/7 Live Chat Support on your company.

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