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AI assisted order procesing.

Manage your customer orders with artificial intelligence.

Your Ordering E-Mail

You can collect orders from your customers with an email address dedicated to you. Once your customers start sending orders, you can relax and watch Buck handling the rest.

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Buck generates intelligent responses with AI.

Using our cutting edge technology and specifically designed AI, Buck queries your stocks and generates appropriate responses to customer inquiries. Once the order is confirmed, Buck updates your order management backend along with the services you already use, such as your ERP or accounting software. You get an e-mail notification too!

Behind The Curtain

Buck trains an artificial intelligence solution specific to your company, with your product data in it

Securing Your Data

Buck keeps each customers data in a private container dedicated to their use only. So your valuable commercial information never gets mixed up or can be reachable outside Buck.

Talking To Your Customers

Buck can manage dialogues with your customers as if they're talking to a human being. No forms, excel sheets etc necessary. Your customers request and we comply.

Your Own Dashboard

Buck gives you a private order management backend where you can see and manage your orders and move them into production. If you wish, Buck can also send order requests to your ERP / Accounting software too!

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