DispatchIQ by Buck.ai

Dispatch in seconds. Literally.

DispatchIQ is the world’s most advanced AI-powered dispatch automation software. Fully integrated with ServiceTitan.

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Best Value in Dispatch, Every Time.

Using artificial intelligence, DispatchIQ calculates the best technician and resource for every job and assigns them according to your preference, saving your team from hours of manual work.

Seamlessly Integrated

DispatchIQ is integrated with ServiceTitan for a seamless dispatch automation experience.

Superhuman Algorithms

DispatchIQ lets you optimize based on shortest route or best performing resource, using cutting-edge tech for both.

Lightning Fast

DispatchIQ completes the entire dispatch process within a few seconds, saving your team hundreds of hours.

Easiest Dispatch, ever.

Didn't like the optimization? You can drag and drop the assignments according to your liking before sending to your CRM.

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Powerful analytics for a better business.

DispatchIQ displays the real time analytics about your automations so that you can have a birds eye view on your daily business flow, best resources, money earned through automations, etc.

Real-time data

Deep insights to business



Grow Your Business More Profitable

Your best people to most valuable jobs, every time. Spend the minimum time to get the max number of jobs done. Your business will be more profitable, leaner and stronger with DispatchIQ.

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CRM, Accounting, Calendar, Email. Buck platform works with your tools so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Service Titan

Seamlessly sync jobs, staff and dispatches with service industry's leading CRM platform.

Jonas Construction Software

Seamless sync and work order creation with leading construction software.


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