Artificial Intelligence for Small Business

Automate Your Business Life.

- Make your business more Intelligent, Automated, Profitable.

Buck automates small and medium businesses daily business life with ready to use AI and process management.

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Use Cases

How Can Buck Help You?

Buck can provide tools that automate your day-to-day business activities.

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Automate Your YELP Page

Use Buck platform to automatically respond to your customers in milliseconds.

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Schedule Meetings

Conversational Engine with Process Manager, schedule meetings with your customers.

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Automate Orders

Take orders from SMS & e-mail and convert them to business data automatically.

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Automate Your CRM

Convert e-mail exchanges to new leads automatically, place them in your pipeline.

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Automate Your Accounting

Connect your accounting software to Buck, we'll send invoices for completed orders.

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Automate Your Business

With end-to-end process editor, connect all your processes and let Buck run them.

Feature Spotlight

Buck + Yelp! Automated Customer Conversion

Buck uses browser automation and exclusively-trained chatbots to respond your customers asking questions over YELP. Whether it's appointments or sales, we can increase your conversion rates with more customers in less time!

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1. Browser Automation

Buck automates a YELP browser dedicated to your business, 100% running in the cloud.

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2. Ready-to-use Chatbots

Automated browser sends customer inquiries to Buck's conversational engine, trained for your business.

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3. See Results

Buck conversational engine responds to customers simultaneously, reducing conversion leadtime by 10x!


No Any Hidden Charges, Choose Your Pricing Plan

Buck offers AI & automation solutions crafted for your business on a pay-as-you-go basis. 3 months contract minimum. No hidden fees. 1 month free trial.

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For small teams and startups
$49Per Month / Automation
$499Per Year / Automation
  • Limited Support
  • Up to 10 different automations
  • Up to 3 3rd Party Integrations
  • Cloud / SaaS based use
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For companies with more than 100 employees
$149Per Month / Automation
$1699Per Year / Automation
  • 247 Support
  • Unlimited Automations
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • On Premise Deployment*

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